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Email Marketing; When Is The Best Time To Send Emails?

A successful email marketing campaign is reliant on subscriber engagement, or in other words, the open and click rates. When approaching email strategy it’s worth spending some time analysing subscriber engagement before mapping out your plan.

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A New Year, A New Online Image? Reasons why your site could need a redesign.

You are probably not alone if a re-vamp of your existing website has been on the to-do list for a while now, but as 2012 quickly draws to a close the reality is that a site overhaul will end up in the resolution list for 2103 instead.

Content Marketing Basics

This year the phrase content marketing became increasingly common in the list of ‘must-haves’ within a B2B and B2C marketer’s strategy. Fueled by the exponential growth in social media many companies are progressively engaging audiences through articles and conversation

Buzzwords Analysis. The top words to avoid when writing your profile description.

It appears that many ‘creative’ professionals are lacking inspiration when comes to describing themselves on social networks. The team at LinkedIn has recently released their 2012 findings of the most overused professional buzzwords in LinkedIn Profiles.

Responsive Web Design: An Overview

Responsive Web design has been an emerging term throughout 2012, is certainly a hot topic within the digital design community, and we are now seeing it take small steps towards becoming accepted as standard practice.

Social Thought Leaders Share Their Hot Tips for 2013

As 2012 draws to a close marketing teams everywhere are getting busy reviewing this years events and mapping out their strategy for the New Year. Regardless of whether social media is new to you, or part of your ongoing strategy you may find yourself wondering what the experts are advising for social media success in 2013.>

Instagram Introduces Badges

Last week Instagram launched a new badge feature, which is similar to existing badges and buttons offered by other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google + and is a simplified way for users to share and promote their Instagram profile on the web.

Engaging Emails. How to create better inbox experiences.

When used to its full potential email is the most cost effective e-marketing channel. It’s an easy and affordable way for small and large businesses alike to market to existing and new customers.

New Facebook Tool Allows For Ad Conversion Tracking

Many marketers or online retailers have probably asked themselves whether their Facebook ad campaign actually does drive sales?

A Merry Mobile Christmas: Google highlights importance of mobile-friendly sites

Australian retailers are encouraged to develop mobile-friendly websites in order to take advantage of a forecasted bumper season of online Christmas trade.

The Social Media Election of 2012

If, as the saying goes, ‘numbers don’t lie’, it could be assumed that social media activity predicted the outcome of the 2012 US presidential election.

Engaging digital influencers. A ‘how-to’ guide for businesses.

With the continued rise in social media’s popularity we are seeing word of mouth marketing become a more tangible and genuine form of consumer influence.

Google Developers Presents Women Techmakers Series. A must watch for women in tech.

This week Google is presenting ‘Women Techmakers’, a web video series highlighting brilliant and successful women in the technical space who develop and design technology and applications, and who advocate for more gender balance within our industries.

Go Organic! Samsung TV website SEO success

Weighing in on the Google Adwords vs Organic SEO argument, a recent study of the Samsung TV website analytics shows that 60% of all organic search traffic from Google went on to interact with the Samsung TV site, while only 20% of paid traffic went past the first page.

Facebook Promote Feature: Pay up if you want to be heard

Regardless of whether you are small or large business, an artist or simply using the platform socially, over recent months you may have noticed that there has been a distinct decline in your Facebook reach.

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