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Four Tips for Creating User Friendly Mobile Websites

The phenomenal growth of mobile web usage shows no signs of slowing down, with analysts predicting that by 2015 mobile web usage will surpass desktop Internet usage thanks to the proliferation of smartphone and tablet devices.

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Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends [Infographic]

Digital marketing has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the explosive nature of social media and the increase in the variety of devices, applications and platforms available.

Four Advantages of Simple Website Design

When you think of a simple website design a minimalist visual may be the first thing that springs to mind. While this aesthetic certainly fits the simple design criteria, it is certainly possible to design a creative and stylish site that also fits the definition of simple.

Australian Social Media Stats

It seems the weather isn’t the only thing cooling down lately as we take a look at the Australian Social Media statistics for the month of April. The latest data released by Social Media News indicates that social media growth has slowed right down across the board

Simple Ways To Integrate Social And Email Marketing

Despite the dramatic rise in social media over the last five years, email marketing is far from becoming obsolete. If anything, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms provide an opportunity to boost the effectiveness of email marketing efforts, and can add valuable momentum to a campaign.

Celebrate Colour: An Iconic Look Over the Last Five Decades

Colour is a powerful thing. It’s a form of non-verbal communication that can alter our behaviour and impact how we feel both online and offline. Colour can affect how a brand is perceived, defining a companies identity with the ability to instantly evoke a sense of trust and reliability in the viewer.

10 Insights From Hubspots 2013 State Of Inbound Marketing Report

Marketing software company, Hubspot have just released their fifth annual State of Inbound Marketing Report, which includes data collected from more than 3,300 marketers in 128 countries and covers how inbound marketers define, practice, integrate, align, and measure their marketing efforts.

The 12 New Personality Types of Social Media Revealed

When you're using social media do you like to strut your stuff like a Peacock, or just Lurk from a distance? Perhaps you're a Dipper, using social media only every now and then. Or maybe you're a Ranter, using social media as your soapbox to vent about modern day annoyances?

Top 10 Tips from the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is becoming one of the major players for business and professional social networking, with recent social media stats showing it’s audience is rapidly growing within Australia.

Creative Examples of Contact Pages

For many businesses it’s reasonable to say that the company website contact page is equally if not more important as the landing page. Some site visitors will head straight to the contact section after landing on your homepage.

26 Things To Consider Before Developing A Website [Infographic]

We recently highlighted a few basic tips for start-ups looking to launch a new business website. In keeping with this topic and whether you have prior experience planning and launching a website or you are a complete newcomer.

6 Creative Ideas for You Tube Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, just behind Google, and if you don’t yet have a channel for your business now is the time to get one. More and more people are tuning into YouTube as an online resource.

Australian Social Media Stats for March: LinkedIn and Wordpress See Most Growth

As we move past the Easter long weekend and dive into April it’s time to take a look at the social media stats for March 2013. Visitation data released by Social Media News reports that Facebook retains the number one position despite experiencing further dwindling of numbers throughout March.

Content Marketing Matrix for Small Business

Determining what type of content and what marketing channel is going to be the best for promoting your start up or small business can be difficult to do, especially with the multitude of opportunities currently available.

Web Design Tips For Start Ups

For man start up business owners putting together a brand new website may seem like a complex task, and may have you baulking at the prospect. However with the vast majority of consumers starting their research process online it is vital for companies to have an online identity.

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