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If you consider subcultures throughout history, certain terminology such as beatniks, hippies, punks and bikies may come to mind. However, society’s introduction to the Internet has transformed the youth culture of today, inspiring numerous underground cyber trends.

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Personalised Digital Branding

Digital branding is a term that we at OnQue strongly identify with, having worked with clients such as Samsung, Woolworths and RaboBank over many years to increase brand awareness in the digital space.

Native Advertising

So if we’ve heard correctly it’s not advertorial and it’s not sponsorship… So what exactly is Native Advertising?

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends [Infographic]

Digital marketing has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the explosive nature of social media and the increase in the variety of devices, applications and platforms available.

Celebrate Colour: An Iconic Look Over the Last Five Decades

Colour is a powerful thing. It’s a form of non-verbal communication that can alter our behaviour and impact how we feel both online and offline. Colour can affect how a brand is perceived, defining a companies identity with the ability to instantly evoke a sense of trust and reliability in the viewer.

Creative Examples of Single Page Websites

The single page website has gained popularity from a design trending perspective in recent times, and although it’s not a viable digital solution for every business, single page layouts can be perfect for sites that are not content heavy, or are predominantly for mobile use.

Responsive Web Design: An Overview

Responsive Web design has been an emerging term throughout 2012, is certainly a hot topic within the digital design community, and we are now seeing it take small steps towards becoming accepted as standard practice.

Instagram Introduces Badges

Last week Instagram launched a new badge feature, which is similar to existing badges and buttons offered by other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google + and is a simplified way for users to share and promote their Instagram profile on the web.

A Merry Mobile Christmas: Google highlights importance of mobile-friendly sites

Australian retailers are encouraged to develop mobile-friendly websites in order to take advantage of a forecasted bumper season of online Christmas trade.

Augmented Reality Bytes!

There has been some amazing examples of cool Augmented Reality being used in to promote interaction with more considered purchases, like for example a new motor car.

Be responsible for your social media or be warned

A recent article published by the business spectator has drawn attention to the fact that many companies have taken their eyes off what has been happening on their social media pages, in regards to new legislation governed by the ASB (Advertising Standards Board) that monitors any misleading adverting and community protection laws.

The Samsung Experience Store arrives in Sydney

Samsung has opened the doors to their first Australian Experience Store, (which is also their first official retail store). The adventurous new concept store is located at the heart of Sydney’s busiest shopping center on George St (in the same bustling precinct as the Apple store and Telstra HQ).