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Four Advantages of Simple Website Design

When you think of a simple website design a minimalist visual may be the first thing that springs to mind. While this aesthetic certainly fits the simple design criteria, it is certainly possible to design a creative and stylish site that also fits the definition of simple.

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Celebrate Colour: An Iconic Look Over the Last Five Decades

Colour is a powerful thing. It’s a form of non-verbal communication that can alter our behaviour and impact how we feel both online and offline. Colour can affect how a brand is perceived, defining a companies identity with the ability to instantly evoke a sense of trust and reliability in the viewer.

Creative Examples of Contact Pages

For many businesses it’s reasonable to say that the company website contact page is equally if not more important as the landing page. Some site visitors will head straight to the contact section after landing on your homepage.

26 Things To Consider Before Developing A Website [Infographic]

We recently highlighted a few basic tips for start-ups looking to launch a new business website. In keeping with this topic and whether you have prior experience planning and launching a website or you are a complete newcomer.

Web Design Tips For Start Ups

For man start up business owners putting together a brand new website may seem like a complex task, and may have you baulking at the prospect. However with the vast majority of consumers starting their research process online it is vital for companies to have an online identity.

20 Critical Do’s and Don’ts For Creating Compelling Calls To Action

There are two main components to online marketing. The first is to drive traffic to your website and the second is to convert this traffic into customers. If you are having difficulty converting traffic then perhaps you need to review your websites call to actions (CTAs).

Common Website Navigation Mistakes To Avoid

Intuitive and straightforward navigation is vital to the success of your website as it is directly related to the users experience. A website’s navigation system is like a road map taking the site user to their desired location within the website.

Shutterstock: Annual Design Trends 2013 Edition

Innovative digital imagery library Shutterstock has recently published their 2013 annual global design trends infographic. This infographic identifies emerging visual trends across the globe, and was created using data collected from both searches and downloads on the site throughout 2012.

Yahoo! Homepage Redesign Unveiled

Yahoo! has unveiled their redesigned homepage, the first new look the company has seen in four years. The new design extends to mobile versions of the site as well and provides users with a more tailored and social experience in the hopes that they’ll stay longer on the site.

Web Design Strategy: Persona Creation

Personas are an extremely powerful design tool, and their creation is an important part of successful website and user interface design.

A New Year, A New Online Image? Reasons why your site could need a redesign.

You are probably not alone if a re-vamp of your existing website has been on the to-do list for a while now, but as 2012 quickly draws to a close the reality is that a site overhaul will end up in the resolution list for 2103 instead.

Responsive Web Design: An Overview

Responsive Web design has been an emerging term throughout 2012, is certainly a hot topic within the digital design community, and we are now seeing it take small steps towards becoming accepted as standard practice.

Onque Transforms RaboDirect Australia’s Digital Footprint

OnQue Digital was recently appointed as an official supplier of digital services to RaboDirect Australia. This important online banking giant has been looking to gain more prominence in the Australian online marketplace.

Onque gives Samsung Audio Visual a dynamic new showcase

As a long time digital partner of Samsung Audio Visual, Onque Digital has recently given a whole new distinctive interactive look to the updated Samsung Audio Visual portal.

OnQue help launch the inspirational Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone

OnQue Digital was commissioned by Samsung to produce a blitz style communication campaign to unveil their new flagship Galaxy S III advanced smartphone In Australia. The campaign used the positioning of “Designed for humans, inspired by nature”.